About Us

Welcome to Alancha with sincerity and Anatolian hospitality.

In Alancha, we present the flavor secrets of Anatolian history.

We stroll through the kitchens of 7 regions, get inspired and reintroduce them.

We establish, rediscover, learn and teach.

Turkey's most important restaurants in the path of the signatures of past Alancha Ranks chef.

We are proud of them that we work together and witness their success.

Thank you for being with us on this journey, as we continue to make humble choices for you.


Chef Kemal Can Yurttaş

Citizens began high school at the age of 16 chief Kemal Can, then after taking on the culinary college education has gained work experience in Turkey's leading hotel and restaurant.

The chef, who has been in Alancha cuisine since 2015, also attends Turkish Cuisine classes at Bahçeşehir University.