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Aegean Herbs • Immigrant Fish • Kibbeh • Muhlama • Tokat Sausage • Steak Tartar • Lamb and Bulghur • Dessert from 7 Regions
200 TL

We have selected a variety of tastes for you, having explored the 13.000 years of history of Anatolia.
All have a story to tell and a pleasure to taste.

Tonight we will take you through a journey.
You will be hosted at Alancha but you will be a guest to more than one table.
We will start with the Aegean,
where the table is dominated by raki and
vegetables cooked in olive oil “Hoping that our
worst day should be like this".
Then will come Marmara, where you will be
the host of immigrants, with their recipes for migrant
fish crossing the sea of Marmara, with the inheritance
of their culture after all the wars they’ve lived through.
You will be aware that you have
landed in the Mediterranean,
from the smell of the spices.
It is now time to sit at the floor, as they do in the
Black Sea and share the mihlama from
the middle of the table.
With all our respect to Klaus Schmidt,
we will visit Göbeklitepe, where the civilisation
was born wandering around the wheat barns.
At last, we arrive at the Centre Of Anatolia.
Famous with its rich tables, accompanied
with lamb and bulgur.
Before you leave the table, we will try to express our gratitude with a cup of coffee.
Anatolian Gazpacho 'Batırık'
Peanut paste, Antakya pepper paste, grilled cibez, fresh herbs salad, turnip sorbet

Alancha Menu Chef 'Deniz Temel'

Inspired by Anatolian Culture and Heritage

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Alancha Menu
G's Fizz
Ginger liquor, gin, tahina,
molases, sour mix

Cocktail Menu

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Cocktail Menu
2013 Arcadia Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Menu

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Wine Menu
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